Alter Ego MIRACLE BOTANIC INFUSION 茶樹豐盈營養水(鹽水) 250ml


ALTER EGO摩洛哥堅果抗氧護理系列通過敏感皮膚測驗,證實不含引致過敏的香料,不含有害防腐劑, 亦獲得Ecocert有機認証,即使是皮膚敏感者都可以放心使用。2013年摩洛哥堅果抗氧全身護理系列推出了全新配方的洗護產品,為乾旱、枯黃及沒有彈 性的頭髮和頭皮,變得更有活力和健康,令頭髮回復柔軟、彈性和光澤。

通過 NICHEL、CHROME及COBALT 測試, 不含容易引致敏感的成份:對羥基苯甲酸(paraben)、硫酸鹽 (sulfate)、著色劑(colorants)及羊毛脂(lanolin).

  • 適合所有髮質,特別幼弱頭髮,有脫髮、頭油過盛、頭屑及敏感頭皮的人士使用

  • 加強頭髮質感和重量感,不會加重毛囊負擔

  • 利用氨基酸成份填補髮芯的空隙,令髮根更豐盈
  • 令頭髮及造型感覺更厚、更有質感及光澤

用法: 使用前搖勻,噴在半乾濕頭髮上,不用沖洗,吹乾然後造型


Bio-peptide complex = 蛋白複合物
Organic tea tree oil = 有機茶樹油

Arganikare Miracle Botanic Infusion rebuilding spray

Lightweight repairing leave-in protein spray that amplifies fine hair’s texture whilst replenishing it with strength and volume to roots, adding body and suppleness to lengths, prolonging the hair style.

Use: Spray over towel-dried hair and roots, styling as usual with hairdryer

Ideal for fine to normal hair use before styling, to replenish lost amino-acids in weak, fine and depleted hair and to prevent split-ends. Restores vitality, strength and elasticity to hair.


  • Deep restructuring action delivers amplified volume, body and elasticity
  • Delivers tone, weightless body and structure
  • Restores vitality, strength and elasticity to hair
  • True cocktail of naturally derived essential amino acids recharges the inner hair fibre with energy

Active ingredients:

Eco-Certified Argan Oil
Organic Tea-Tree Oil
Bio-Peptide Complex

Eco-Certified Argan Oil: Known as “desert gold” and widely used for its exceptional hydrating, nourishing and protecting properties, ideal for countering ageing.

Organic Tea-Tree Oil: Precious essential oil native to Australia, known for its elevated stimulating and purifying properties, ideal for healthy glossy hair.

Bio-Peptide Complex: Naturally derived complex, a true cocktail of essential amino acids, known for their restructuring, volumizing and anti-oxidizing properties.

Arganikare Miracle Rejuvenating Collection is a complete range of treatments designed to transform texture, for stronger and glossier hair. Its special formula regenerates and nourishes hair without overburdening, making it the perfect daily beauty regime for all hair types, even fine structures.

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