MOOD Silver Specific Conditioner 去黃護髮素400ml

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Mood Silver Specific 適合漂至白金或灰色的頭髮使用。這系列中的產品都蘊含藍莓提取物,調和黃色色素,可緩和漂後頭髮變黃的機會,令銀、白、金灰等髮色更持久、髮色自然、頭髮更有活力,效果更完美。

產品功效: 調和及中和漂白後頭髮的黃色色調


使用方法:使用SILVER SPECIFIC SHAMPOO 後,將適量去黃洗護髮素均勻塗抹在頭髮並按摩,待2-3分鐘後以清水徹底沖洗。



Silver Specific Conditioner is the balsam with Blueberry extract and violet pigments, which, because of its formulation, is capable of:

  • Conditioning and neutralising yellow tones that can dull the vitality of grey and white hair
  • Contrasting undesired warm tones in lifted or bleached hair
  • Leaving hair soft and shiny

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