TECH Keratin Care Shampoo + Conditioner 納米角蛋白洗髮水+護髮素 400ml+400ml


TECH Keratin Care Shampoo
Smoothing Therapy
Deep Cleansing action, protecting hair colour

Capacity: 400ml

KERATIN COLOR CARE SHAMPOO was developed to extend the vibrancy of color-treated hair. This sodium chloride and sulfate free formula contains mild surfactants the gently remove dirt and buildup without striping hair of its colour. Formulated with Keratin, soy and wheat proteins for lasting protection.

TECH 納米角蛋白洗髮水

  • 蘊含角蛋白質及水解蛋白成份,不含氯化鈉及硫酸鹽/li>
  • 溫和潔淨頭髮同時,可重建頭髮內的角蛋白連結
  • 有效抗毛燥

TECH Keratin Care Conditioner
Smoothing Therapy
Moisturizing hair and protecting hair colour

Capacity: 400ml

KERATIN COLOR CARE CONDITIONER was developed to moisturise hair and protecting hair colour. Let hair leaving wet and feeling smooth and slick. Contains keratin, wheat and soy proteins, provide lasting nourishment, protecting hair from heating of blow-drying, hot curlers, and straightening. Hair is softer, more manageable and stronger.

TECH 納米角蛋白護髮素

  • 蘊含角蛋白質及水解蛋白成份
  • 深層補濕及保護髮色,令頭髮更絲感柔順
  • 保護頭髮,具有抗熱功效,有效抗毛燥
  • 頭髮更易打理