Alter Ego Botanikare (寶康尼卡)天然頭皮治療系列

Botanikare(寶康尼卡)天然頭皮治療系列,針對處理頭髮及頭皮的健康問題,專門解決、預防及治療各種頭皮問題及疾病,如:早期脫髮、頭油過盛、頭屑問題及敏感等。新洗髮露加入專利配方LUVIAUAT EXCELLANCE,能令頭髮有彈性及強韌。

寶康尼卡天然頭皮治療系列中所有產品都不含對羥基苯甲酸(paraben)、硫酸鹽 (sulfate) SLESSLS、合成的著色劑(synthetic colorants)及羊毛脂(lanolin)、鄰苯二甲酸鹽(phthalates)及其他過敏原(allergens)

所有產品都均通過 DERMATOLOGICALLYNICHELCHROMECOBALT等皮膚病理學及化學測試,實不含容易引致敏感的香料,亦不含有害的防腐劑。

Professional High Performance Rituals for the Well Being of Hair & Scalp embracing the purity of the natural world.

5 families specifically developed to address the most common hair and scalp disorders.

NEW IMPROVED FORMULA all the shampoos have been enriched with LUVIQUAT EXCELLANCE, a quaternary polymer selected for its elevated conditioning properties that replenish hair with elasticity, body and strength.

 Carefully selected active ingredients of natural deviation and eco-certified for high performing products. All the formula are free from: SULFATES, PARABEN, SLES, SLS, SYNTHETIC COLORANTS, LANOLINE AND PHTHALATES. ALL PRODUCTS ARE DERMATOLOGICALLY, NICKEL, CHROME AND COBALT TESTED.


Energizing Brown-express equilibrium and health / Rebalancing Yellow - symbolizes eliminating toxins / Purifying Blue - counters red for a calming, refreshing and tranquillising effect / Calming Violet - calms and improves concentration but also stimulates energy and strength / Wellness Green - expresses balance

活力棕 - 平衡及健康 / 控油黃 - 清潔毒素 / 深層藍 - 平靜、清爽和寧靜 / 抗敏紫 - 平靜同時回復活力 / 健康綠 - 代表平衡

The Botanikare Bay Therapy Phytocomplex

 Yuzu Citrus Juno Fruit is the natural element common to the entire Botanikare Day Therapy range where it has been grown since the 10th century. It is very rich in polyphenols and has an elevated content of essential oils.

BENEFITS: potent anti-oxidizing action between counters the formation of free radicals. Execellent refreshing, anti-bacterial and calming properties.

寶康尼卡天然頭皮治療系列中的植物複合成份主要是香橙果提取物(YUZU CITRUS JUNOS FRUIT),多酚含量非常豐富,能提煉出多種精油。具有強效的抗氧化作用及能抵禦自由基的侵害,能促進細胞更新,更具有抗菌及鎮靜的功效。